Y Combinator Subscription Agreement

(2) shares issued or issued on the basis of rights or agreements, options, warrants or convertible bonds pending on the completion date; shares issued under such rights or agreements, options, options or convertible bonds granted after the reference date, provided that the pre-emption rights under this section 4, item b) are respected, removed or not applicable, pursuant to a provision in this section 4, point b) (vi), with respect to the first sale or granting of such convertible rights, options, options or bonds; 3. Representations and guarantees of the company. The company assures and assures the purchaser that, except in the schedule of exceptions attached to Appendix B, each of the following statements is true and correct at the time of this statement and, if this subscription is accepted in whole or in part by the Company, is true and correct on the reference date: compliance with other instruments. The company does not violate an essential provision of its foundation certificate or statutes, as amended to date, nor, to the extent it is aware, materially, with respect to a provision or provision of a substantial debt, contract or agreement of which it is a party to a partisan party and which would have a material adverse effect. To the company`s knowledge, the company does not violate federal or regional laws, rules or regulations that apply to the business and whose violation would have a significant negative effect. The performance and delivery of the agreements by the company, the performance of their obligations by the company and the issuance of the shares and conversion shares do not lead to a substantial violation or substantial contradiction with the company`s certificate of constitution or statutes, or constitute a significant delay. Tax returns and payments (s) Full agreement. This agreement constitutes the whole agreement between the parties with respect to the purpose of this agreement and replaces and merges all previous agreements or agreements, written or orally. . To the company`s knowledge (without conducting an investigation or search for specific patents), the company holds, holds or holds, on economically reasonable terms, sufficient legal rights on all patents, trademarks, service marks, trade names, copyrights, trade secrets, licenses (software or otherwise), information, processes and similar property rights (“intellectual property”) necessary for the business activity of the company in the current version, whose absence could reasonably have a significant negative effect. With the exception of agreements with its own employees or consultants, standard end-user licensing agreements, support/maintenance contracts and formal enterprise agreements, there are no pending ip options, licenses or agreements, and the entity is not bound by other person or entity`s ip options, licenses or agreements or participates in any party. The company has not received any written notification that the company has violated the intellectual property of another person or organization.

(c) the buyer accepts that the buyer will not sell, sell, transfer, transfer, sell, sell, sell, sell, sell, an option to purchase, hedge or transaction similarly having the same economic effect as a sale, common share or other title of the company held by the purchaser; the sale, sale, transfer, granting of an option to purchase or the conclusion of a similar hedging or transaction transaction with the same economic effect as a sale, common shares or other securities of the Company held by the purchaser, including shares and conversion shares (the “limited securities”) during the 180-day period following the entry into force of a company registration statement filed under the Securities Up Period (or a longer period) (18) days after the expiry of the 180-day period

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