Some Famous Agreements

Ratification of a treaty – internal confirmation or adoption by a country of the terms of a contractual agreement, which are usually obtained by some form of legislative procedure. It is the international act by which a state decides, at the international level, its consent to the definition of the contract. “On Sunday, President Trump announced via Twitter that Rudy Giuliani tested positive for coronavirus,” Jimmy Fallon said Monday on The Tonight Show. “When the message came, the coronavirus was like: `Dammit, I knew I should have worn a mask!” I hope Rudy`s okay — when they did his nasal smear, he came out black. Nevertheless, “Rudy says that he feels good and that he gets embarrassed again in front of the camera in no time,” he added, a point highlighted by Tariq Trotter with his Giuliani Bingo card. In the meantime, “a doctor warns that COVID may actually cause erectile dysfunction,” Fallon noted. “Between its COVID vaccine and Viagra, Pfizer will rain.” The Late Show had another drug to combat erectile dysfunction covid, Putonamasc. “Even though you may have a little jubilation about it, Rudy Giuliani`s positive test for COVID-19 is a scary new development,” Trevor Noah died on the Daily Show. “Until now, we didn`t think dead men could have a crown. But now, we all wish Rudy Giuliani a speedy recovery. I want him to go back to the days when his hair melts from his head. No one`s joking that Rudy has a life-threatening illness.

What we want to do is make jokes about how Rudy took to the camera during an election audition — like a trumpet explosion. He showed the clip. “It was so loud,” Noah says. “It looked like her butt was asking for a recount of her lunch. Even if, to be fair, this nonsense is no worse than any other legal argument put forward so far by the Trump campaign. This COVID test is the only positive thing Rudy Giuliani has released in four years,” Jimmy Kimmel joked on Kimmel Live. “He says he feels good, he says he recovers quickly, he has a taste for the blood of newborns in motherhood.” Giuliani went in a way “from the American mayor to the American sprayer, and if anyone made this story, we`d say it was too much,” he said when he spent Giuliani`s last six weeks concluding: “On November 2, he smoked aloud at a fake election hearing in Michigan. And here we are now on December 7th, and Count Flatula has coronavirus. Have we ever seen such a series? Kimmel turned it into a TV lawyer show. Look down.

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