Are Divorce Agreements Public Record

They may not know that most court documents are public (meaning the public can read them), unless there is a particular reason why they would not. This includes your divorce papers (and even your separation agreement when they are filed). You probably don`t have paparazzi who follow every step, but that doesn`t mean privacy during divorce, and after that, it`s not important to you and your family. Sometimes it is easier for the courts to publish a portion of your divorce documents as opposed to all the documents filed in a case. So try, if necessary, your luck with a lesser request. It is difficult to file for divorce, even by mutual agreement. For some, high emotions and tensions never end, and it can be overwhelming to navigate a complex legal system and file document by document until your divorce is over. Other records can also be deposited in the sealed part of the file by adding a sealed document sheet. These include numerous primary funding documents, health care records and a number of detailed records collected as part of a parental assessment. The problem is that, fundamentally, all court proceedings are public, in Georgia as everywhere else.

And divorce is one of them. In short, yes. Court proceedings, including divorce proceedings, are generally public records. Including divorce. Court decisions are generally available online, and spouses who have plaintive divorces can google their names and find a court decision that sets out some very personal details of their lives. Couples who wish to protect their privacy may consider out-of-court alternatives such as negotiation, mediation or the right to collaborate. Just tell a judge that your divorce is not another`s business, even if it`s true, it`s not enough to seal your divorce file. Those attempting to seal a divorce deed must prove that the harm they may suffer if the recording remains public outweighs the public`s right to the record. If you are concerned about your privacy, if you are in a divorce situation, there are ways to solve problems in private, seal records and limit the amount of personal information that is embedded in court records. Before filing or responding to divorce documents, contact your Divorce Lawyer in Missouri to discuss your data protection rights and options. Contact the Joshua Wilson Law Firm in Raymore.

One of the advantages of mediation for the divorce parties is that the process is confidential.

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