26. MARTS 2018

Dear diary,Today we started the day with puppy training. I got at 5.30, because I still had to put in my 8 hours. I didn’t read a couple of emails and responded to a question before making breakfast, which consisted of proats. We met at 8 with the puppy trainer and walked to Margit Island. It was a cold, but very spring like day. We walked to a clear grass field and Sam and Zsófia did plenty of exercises!After puppy training, I went to work, it was a quite fulfilling day as I could send of a big project and delete a lot of mails from my folder.After work I went to the gym, which was absurdly hard as I had also gone to the gym the prior day. Bad idea. I went home to play some video games while my girlfriend had Danish language course, I played league of legends with Mahmoud. During which I reheated some frikadeller which I made yesterday and put two quarters of butternut squash in the oven. They were a a bit of undercooked after 1 hour.When Zsófi got back, we had dinner and watched episode 14 of matador, in Danish with English subtitles.

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