Green(ice)land & Ice(green)land

So there is always this meme where people are showing the two contrasts of Greenland and Iceland respectively.

It’s showing a picture of the inland ice with the name GREENland, and next to it a lush, green flower ful valley in Iceland with the name ICEland.

So why is it called Greenland, you might ask. The reason it its called Greenland is that settlers who came to Greenland back then could only access it during summer as back then the ice cap was much larger and the outlet of dangerous icebergs were massive.

So imagine that these settlers finally manage to make their way to Greenland during summer. Their first sight, as they sail into a fjord is the flow of rivers from the melting water, running down the mountain and giving nutrition to the surrounding peatlands.

It must have been a magnificent green sight as there is not much difference in vegetation  in Greenland much of this will be green of color and very compressed. It grows on all slopes and mountain sides so even the cliffs would be covered in green, lush shrubbery.

So that’s the reason its called Greenland. And no after visiting Greenland and staying through the winters, I do think think it should switch name with Iceland. 

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