The ice fjord

Three hours away by boat from nuuk,  is the magnificent ice fjord. On a cloudy, but warm Saturday morning, my girlfriend, me and a colleague took a trip from Nuuk to the ice fjord.

We took the trip as it was one of the longest day trips you could take, and it would have the opportunity to see the fjord safari as well. My girlfriend loves animals of all shapes and sizes, with or without fur. All of them! So we were kinda hoping there would be an opportunity to see some whales, seals or walruses. 

It was a quite cold trip as we were sailing approximately 35 knots and the sun could not break through the clouds at 9 in the morning. 

When we arrived in the ice fjord the sun  was shining and as it was filled with both huge and smaller icebergs we were sailing at a slower pace. We held a short lunch in the middle of the ice fjord, with around 1 km to the glaicier. It was very calm and and I took the attached picture. Now I’m not sponsered by Tuborg, yet. 

The initial thought was to bring some whiskey and enjoy a glass with some glaicier ice. But none of us are actual drinkers so it was just a beer.

We enjoyed our lunch pack and beer, and then the guide/boat driver slowly started to find the way out of the pack ice. On our way out of the ice fjord we got to see breeding grounds of the common murre, which is a mixture of a penguin and a duck (or at least I think so). We also had a short stop at a vacation village, where people usually sail to during summer and spend the weekends away from the ‘big city’.

After around 7 hours on the open boat,  we were also pretty beat up, so it was quite nice to sail slowly by nuuk, while the sun was low on the sky (it was summer, so the sun never actually went down).

I definitely recommend seeing the ice fjord, fjord safari and the glacier while in Nuuk! 

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