Fishing with a guaranteed catch

So fishing here in Greenland is big business. There are more boats than cars…actually there are probably more boats than people.

Now I don’t have a boat, but my dear colleague agreed to take me on a trip in to the fjord. It was a big boat and could only go with 10 knots per hour, however it was a Saturday and we were not in a rush. I say only, because here in Greenland everything regarding boats is about speed. Even small fishing boats usually has two huge high power engines!

I kinda see the logic it in, as the distances travelled here on sea is usually very long.

Anyways my colleague is a recent addition to the Greenlandic population coming from Denmark. He went around to the native coworkers to get the git on where there are the most and best fishing places.

We had a clear goal, and was told to go to a very steep Rock wall and fish just beneath it on about 100 meter line.

We where fishing for haddock which is usually found on 100 m deep waters. However when we startede fishing we immediately realized that our problem would be to get the bait down to 100 meters of water.

Every throw into the water would entail a catch as seen in the shown photograph. 3 cod of a decent size would have taken the bait and caught on the line.

We tried different places and piked 5 times. 5 times we caught 3 cod. Now I’m no statician, but that’s a catchrate of 300 percent! Where else in the world do you get that!

Anyways my colleague and I decided only to take the big fish and let the smaller ones go free.

We had plenty of fish to make each a huge batch of fiskefrikadeller. Which is very famous in Denmark. Its kinda like fish meatballs.

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