Post cards – something personal and oldschool

During my year(s) abroad I always made a deed out of writing postcards to my loved ones or my close friends.

I find that tagging people on pictures on Facebook just isn’t the same. Or showing the pictures to my father. 

Postcards are personal to two people, the one sending it and the one receiving it. When I write I always pick a specific postcard with a motif that the receiver would appreciate. So I can sometimes spend plenty of time choosing one. I always write a personal kind of logbook of what I’ve been doing or how the atmosphere is, and then what’s on the photography on the postcard. 

For the receiver it’s always a nice surprise to see something else in the mail besides bills and advertisements. But it also shows them that even though I’m far far away, I’m still thinking of them.

It’s also always nice to see the speed of the local post office(or lack off).

The feeling of having something from another country which was stamped and then moved through plenty of different hands to get to its destination. 

The last thing is that you just know that if any post office employees get their hands onto the post cards they will have read the post card and smiled.

Please send more snail mail postcards and not just snapchats, Facebook posts etc. 

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