Post cards – something personal and oldschool

During my year(s) abroad I always made a deed out of writing postcards to my loved ones or my close friends.

I find that tagging people on pictures on Facebook just isn’t the same. Or showing the pictures to my father. 

Postcards are personal to two people, the one sending it and the one receiving it. When I write I always pick a specific postcard with a motif that the receiver would appreciate. So I can sometimes spend plenty of time choosing one. I always write a personal kind of logbook of what I’ve been doing or how the atmosphere is, and then what’s on the photography on the postcard. 

For the receiver it’s always a nice surprise to see something else in the mail besides bills and advertisements. But it also shows them that even though I’m far far away, I’m still thinking of them.

It’s also always nice to see the speed of the local post office(or lack off).

The feeling of having something from another country which was stamped and then moved through plenty of different hands to get to its destination. 

The last thing is that you just know that if any post office employees get their hands onto the post cards they will have read the post card and smiled.

Please send more snail mail postcards and not just snapchats, Facebook posts etc. 

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Visiting Iceland and their sheep

During a work trip to Iceland, my girlfriend and I was fortunate enough to have time to see some sights of west Iceland, around Reykjavík.

We flew with air Greenland from Nuuk to keflavik Airport, it was about 3/4 hours of fly time, with no service other than water and coffee. Now this was not Ryan air tickets, so we paid 4000 DKK (600 dollars) for a one way ticket. I at least expected a sandwich of sorts. 

After waiting 5 hours in line at avis/budget car, to get our rental car we could finally go to our hotel. We actually had reserved and paid to go to the blue lagoon, but because of the hold up in the airport we didn’t make it. But who needs to visit the most touristic spot of Iceland anyways, right? 

We had a reservation at Hotel midgardur centrum, which was absolutely amazing, except for the fact that our room had a big panoramic windows right next to the pedestrian path, and it was located on the ground floor. So the curtain was constantly drawn. Great atmosphere, right? 

First thing Sunday morning we got the car from the free parking spot and started driving an alternate version of the Golden circle. The Golden  circle is the 3 most famous tourist things to see in Iceland and can all be seen in a day. We decided to extend this with a trip on the old ancient main road. 

Most of the way of the Golden circle we were driving in a kind of convoy with all the other tourists. But when we entered the ancient road we were alone and could stop the car as we deemed necessary. At this time we could get out and take more photographs of the beautiful nature, without other meddelling tourists. 

The extended trip took about 10 hours and we decided to find the taco bell, which we had been looking for the day before. The reason was that I had never had taco bell and my girlfriend had tried it when she visited her aunt in San Francisco. 

We found the place and tried it. It couldn’t live up to my expectations and my girlfriend said it didn’t taste as she had remembered. 

On the last day we toured the city of Reykjavík, mostly for museums, churches and the opera house. But we were also looking for post cards and I wanted to buy an Iceland sweater or scarf. 

I had read good things about the Icelandic hand knitting association and wanted to get a sweater from them! We found the local store and after some testing and deciding on color combination and size I got one. Mind you, these are not cheap. One sweater is around 200-300 dollars. But I’m sure it will last 20-30 years. And it will only get nicer with age, as it has to set in on the person wearing it.

As I was staying for business, for the remainder of the time there my girlfriend went back to Budapest to study. So after we finished writing postcards in the beautifully lit opera house,(and having a coffee of course) we took the rental car and drove to keflavik Airport where she would catch a flight back to Budapest. This time avis/budget car was a much nicer experience. It was only 2 minutes to inspect the car and register it and they provided a shuttle the 500 meters into the airport.

Now without of a car I took the excellent shuttle service from the airport to the city center. At the same evening I had a networking arrangement for the following workshop on nuclear material in Greenland.

During the workshop I had found out that my dear friend Kristian, whom is in the Danish navy, was stationed on a ship which was docked in reykjavik. So after the mandatory dinner and drinks after the workshop one of the days, I found his ship and came aboard. We went out for a beer in reykjavik and we both went home early as we both had work in the morning.

It was purely by accident that we were both in reykjavik at the same time, but it was a nice surprise and showed once again how small the world really is. 

Thursday was the last day and I had to fly back to Greenland Air Iceland connect. This time we were flying from Reykjavik Airport. Now this is a small,  kinda domestic Airport, really close to the city.

When you live in Greenland you kinda get used to flying on a delayed schedule as the planes are almost always late because of the weather. This day wasn’t any different. as from when we get to the airport we are informed its delayed for 1 hour. Which is nothing for Greenlandic conditions. When you’ve spent 48 hours stuck in and airport with nothing but seats, you tried to be delayed.

Anyways we make our way to the terminal, and is allowed to do some tax free shopping. This the tax free shop is small but has a nice selection. Everything is crazy expensive in Greenland so you always buy something duty free on your way back. I got a bottle of alcohol (bison grass) and some different sweets. 

We board the plane and it’s a small plane but we are also only 15 people aboard. After around 2 hours of flight they inform us that the weather in Nuuk is too bad to land, and we will fly to kangerlussuaq to land and refuel and await the situation. 

We land in kangerlussuaq and have to wait three hours, but at least it’s a nice place to get some fast food. The flight from kangerlussuaq to Nuuk is 55 minutes and in no time we land in Nuuk. 

My girlfriend and I agreed that we will return to Iceland, and take more time to see natur and sheep. 

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