The National History Museum in Nuuk

After exploring most of the outdoors in close proximity to Nuuk, we decided to also get wiser on the history of Greenland.

We visited at the same time as a huge cruise ship was docking, and as the national history museum is right by the docks, it got quite crowded. 

The history of Greenland, or the “northerners” as they were called are quite long and go back many hundred years. The interesting part is that even though it’s history, this is still very much customs in todays Greenland. For example these national outfits are still made and worn today during high holidays or special life events. Furthermore they are still made the same way and with the same materials.

I’m sure that most of national outfits will be inspirational to the international fashion scene in the coming years.

The museum itself is quite big and hold comparatively many artifacts in relation  to the population. Also the museum hold a lot of information, both for the younger generation but also for the more technical crowd, whom would visit. 

We spend almost three hours there and we didn’t absorb all the information possible. I would definitely go again as it was only something like 50 DKK (9 dollars). 

If you are ever in Nuuk as a visitor, expat or local citizen it’s definitely worth a visit. 

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