Hiking in the outskirts of Nuuk

Not long after my girlfriend arrived in Greenland, we went on our first beginner-level hike in the outskirts of Nuuk. Right behind the university of Greenland is an old cemetery. The cemetery is right next to the water, and next to it there is a beautiful place for walking/hiking/fishing.

Everything is possible there. We went for a walk just to feel out the terrain and how it was to walk on this special surface. We quickly found out that it’s very bouncey, but could also be slippery. Plus at some places where it was overlapping the crevices between the rocks it was very dangerous. It was almost as nature had set out a trap.

The picture is taken right next to the water line overlooking the mountain Sermitsiaq. It’s  very well known mountain around Nuuk as on its western side it has an almost straight edge. It’s also famous for its rich fishing spots right next to the waterfall going next to Sermitsiaq. 

While taking the picture, we met a fisherman whom was fishing from the shore. Unfortunately his line had gotten stuck on the bottom and he was trying to untangle it.

On our walk in the beginning of August we were almost choked by the amount of mosquitoes. Next time we will definitely get a mosquito net to cover our face, and mouth!

Just go to the university and you will immediately be able to get this spectacular view. 

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