26. MARTS 2018

Dear diary,Today we started the day with puppy training. I got at 5.30, because I still had to put in my 8 hours. I didn’t read a couple of emails and responded to a question before making breakfast, which consisted of proats. We met at 8 with the puppy trainer and walked to Margit Island. It was a cold, but very spring like day. We walked to a clear grass field and Sam and Zsófia did plenty of exercises!After puppy training, I went to work, it was a quite fulfilling day as I could send of a big project and delete a lot of mails from my folder.After work I went to the gym, which was absurdly hard as I had also gone to the gym the prior day. Bad idea. I went home to play some video games while my girlfriend had Danish language course, I played league of legends with Mahmoud. During which I reheated some frikadeller which I made yesterday and put two quarters of butternut squash in the oven. They were a a bit of undercooked after 1 hour.When Zsófi got back, we had dinner and watched episode 14 of matador, in Danish with English subtitles.

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Green(ice)land & Ice(green)land

So there is always this meme where people are showing the two contrasts of Greenland and Iceland respectively.

It’s showing a picture of the inland ice with the name GREENland, and next to it a lush, green flower ful valley in Iceland with the name ICEland.

So why is it called Greenland, you might ask. The reason it its called Greenland is that settlers who came to Greenland back then could only access it during summer as back then the ice cap was much larger and the outlet of dangerous icebergs were massive.

So imagine that these settlers finally manage to make their way to Greenland during summer. Their first sight, as they sail into a fjord is the flow of rivers from the melting water, running down the mountain and giving nutrition to the surrounding peatlands.

It must have been a magnificent green sight as there is not much difference in vegetation  in Greenland much of this will be green of color and very compressed. It grows on all slopes and mountain sides so even the cliffs would be covered in green, lush shrubbery.

So that’s the reason its called Greenland. And no after visiting Greenland and staying through the winters, I do think think it should switch name with Iceland. 

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The ice fjord

Three hours away by boat from nuuk,  is the magnificent ice fjord. On a cloudy, but warm Saturday morning, my girlfriend, me and a colleague took a trip from Nuuk to the ice fjord.

We took the trip as it was one of the longest day trips you could take, and it would have the opportunity to see the fjord safari as well. My girlfriend loves animals of all shapes and sizes, with or without fur. All of them! So we were kinda hoping there would be an opportunity to see some whales, seals or walruses. 

It was a quite cold trip as we were sailing approximately 35 knots and the sun could not break through the clouds at 9 in the morning. 

When we arrived in the ice fjord the sun  was shining and as it was filled with both huge and smaller icebergs we were sailing at a slower pace. We held a short lunch in the middle of the ice fjord, with around 1 km to the glaicier. It was very calm and and I took the attached picture. Now I’m not sponsered by Tuborg, yet. 

The initial thought was to bring some whiskey and enjoy a glass with some glaicier ice. But none of us are actual drinkers so it was just a beer.

We enjoyed our lunch pack and beer, and then the guide/boat driver slowly started to find the way out of the pack ice. On our way out of the ice fjord we got to see breeding grounds of the common murre, which is a mixture of a penguin and a duck (or at least I think so). We also had a short stop at a vacation village, where people usually sail to during summer and spend the weekends away from the ‘big city’.

After around 7 hours on the open boat,  we were also pretty beat up, so it was quite nice to sail slowly by nuuk, while the sun was low on the sky (it was summer, so the sun never actually went down).

I definitely recommend seeing the ice fjord, fjord safari and the glacier while in Nuuk! 

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Hiking up Little Malene (Lille Malene) 

During winter it’s a ski slope, during summer it’s a favorite hiking spot.

My girlfriend and I built up courage to hike up Little Malene during summer. Once again, I’m not an experienced hiker, and I weigh on the heavy side of 130. Walk uphill for me is always a battle. But I’m never afraid to take on a battle. My girlfriend is always really patient with me, and we take our time to get there without killing me. Most of the time she is also my pure inspiration and motivation to climb mountain tops.

The day of which we decided to climb this 500 meter high mountain  also happened to be the hottest day of the year in Nuuk. Which is only 20-25 degrees Celsius. This created a problem of mosquitoes everywhere. I knew of the problem, but the weather forecast said it would be windy. And as I heard it,  mosquitoes cannot fly when it’s windy. But either,  it was not windy enough, or it was just an untrue rumor.

Before starting the trip there we looked up the way to the climb it self, as it’s located right next to the airport. Even though it’s possible to take a bus straight to the foot of the climb, we decided to walk there, as Google maps said it was only 4 kilometers from  our hour to there. This was one of the few warm days of the Greenlandic summer and we were battling with warm sun rays and cold wind gusts from south.

The initial walk was long, hot and full of mosquitoes. I reassured my girlfriend that the mosquitoes would go away once we arrived at the mountain, because then the wind would ground them. Not long after the ascend we found out that this would not be the case. So the ascend is located at the same place as the ski lift. During winter there’s a ski slope, and during summer there is only these huge poles which are attached to the ski lift itself.

So the direction of going up was very straight forward. Just follow the lift poles, and when they end go to the last plateau(or the top). So imagine this is a slope during winter. While hiking up this mountain it was very steep, however not so steep so you would need to climb it on all four paws. But right on edge of this. This meant that for every short distance we covered we got a new view very quick. This was a very surreal thing to try. Almost like climbing a 500 meter ladder.

This was my first time going up this mountain, as Im not a big skier, so I didnt get to try going up during ski season. The view was magnificent because we got to see the capital of Nuuk from above, but also the northern country and sermitsiaq from another perspective.

The climb quickly became exhausting, and we had to take more and more breaks as every 50 meters or so took my breath away. But during the breaks we also had the opportunity to enjoy the pleasure of the view mentioned above!

We were the only ones on the slope of the mountain, so we had it all to ourself (except for the mosquitoes).

Before reaching the top of Little Malene, there was a small plateau. This plateau was in the shade of the mountain and therefore there was still snow! In the middle of August! Both me and my girlfriend was thrilled about it, as it was not visible from the base of the mountain. After taking several selfies with the snow, we walk up the last hundred meters of the mountain. The last part was much less steep than the previous ascend.

Finally we reached the top, and as this mountain is not so high, it was not so much a peak as a colossal plateau with smaller peaks of 10-20 meters.

The picture seen,  is taken on the top of little Malene looking north onto Sermitsiaq. We spent around 1 hour walking around and looking at the view in different directions.

By this time we had already given up on making it down and taking a bus back. On our descend we had to be very careful as the it was very steep, and descending is almost always more difficult. On our way down, at around 4 or 5 pm, we met several people climbing the mountain for exercise purposes.

Furthermore on our descend we could hear the risling of melting water running beneath the rocks or in some form of crevice. It was actually very soothing. When we arrived at the foot of the mountain once again, we decided to take the opposite way of the one we get there on.

Right next to the mountain is the local airport of Nuuk, and we had to walk a long the runway and all the way around it to reach the university. At the University there’s only 1.5 kilometer back to our apart. We got to the university right when the bus got there, and minutes before we had said it would probably just have left. We sprinted to the bus, and it took us home. We could have finished by walking but we were just too exhausted.

Visit Little Malene during summer and winter! Easiest and best way to get a quick hike/ski trip and a magnificent view.

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Fishing with a guaranteed catch

So fishing here in Greenland is big business. There are more boats than cars…actually there are probably more boats than people.

Now I don’t have a boat, but my dear colleague agreed to take me on a trip in to the fjord. It was a big boat and could only go with 10 knots per hour, however it was a Saturday and we were not in a rush. I say only, because here in Greenland everything regarding boats is about speed. Even small fishing boats usually has two huge high power engines!

I kinda see the logic it in, as the distances travelled here on sea is usually very long.

Anyways my colleague is a recent addition to the Greenlandic population coming from Denmark. He went around to the native coworkers to get the git on where there are the most and best fishing places.

We had a clear goal, and was told to go to a very steep Rock wall and fish just beneath it on about 100 meter line.

We where fishing for haddock which is usually found on 100 m deep waters. However when we startede fishing we immediately realized that our problem would be to get the bait down to 100 meters of water.

Every throw into the water would entail a catch as seen in the shown photograph. 3 cod of a decent size would have taken the bait and caught on the line.

We tried different places and piked 5 times. 5 times we caught 3 cod. Now I’m no statician, but that’s a catchrate of 300 percent! Where else in the world do you get that!

Anyways my colleague and I decided only to take the big fish and let the smaller ones go free.

We had plenty of fish to make each a huge batch of fiskefrikadeller. Which is very famous in Denmark. Its kinda like fish meatballs.

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